“AutomaticDocs has been a game changer for my projects. Just a few minutes and everything is documented!”

Raúl López

“I have been without any documentation in my project for years. Now, thanks to AutomaticDocs, I can update it every month with just a few clicks.”

David García

Save costs with documentation

Developers don't like to document code

Yup. It's a bold statement, but it's true. Developers like to create and solve problems. Documenting code and, even more important, keeping it updated is a really difficult task to accomplish. That's why we created AutomaticDocs. We use AI to generate the documentation for your project in minutes.

Save costs

For a fraction of the price of a developer's time, you can have your whole project documented in a matter of minutes.
Also, by having the project properly documented, new developments and introductions will be faster.


We only keep your code on our servers for a few minutes, while it's being documented. After that, it's completely deleted. Keep in mind, however, that OpenAI might keep it in their logs for up to 30 days, but they will not use it to traing their models.

Save onboarding time

Onboarding a new developer on the team is expensive. Thanks to Automatic Docs, you will enjoy of a faster onboarding process for new developers since all the code will be documented in natural language, helping them understand what is going on faster.

We support your framework

Automatic Docs is created to support the following frameworks and languages. Don't see yours? Get in touch using the chat button on the bottom right!

Flutter Spring Django Laravel Ruby on Rails Next NuxtJS Ionic + Angular React Native Angular Vue React Flutter Ruby on Rails Flask Symfony COBOL CSS .NET Go HTML Java Javascript Kotlin NodeJS PHP Python Rust Swift Dart Ruby


Documenting code has never been cheaper

Pay based on the size of your project. Pricing starts at $10.


  • Unlimited files (you will be charged min. 50 files)
  • Smart relevant files detection based on framework
  • Automatic send by email in Markdown format
  • 24-hour support response time

$0.20 / file

Document my code

Keep your documentation updated

Outdated documentation can lead to up to 20% more spent time on a project. Improve onboarding times, reduce technical debt and spend more time developing new features thanks to our automatic Code Documentation Tool.

  • 32 hours saved per month
  • Faster onboardings
  • 20% less cost
  • More dev. time
  • Less bug risk
  • Peace of mind